Quality Control

Keeping Improvement:By means of ways of management and PDCA, improving internal work according to outer opinions and our goal is to make it better.

Customer Satisfaction:Our service purpose is “customer first”and execute our procedure from product project, R&D, Test, Production, Sale and customer service. We are all devoted to offer our customers best design, quality, service and price.

Quality First:All staff in Hepeng from general manager to basic level employee all keep in mind ” Doing good quality is everyone's responsibility”, execute management of PDCA. We use 3 NO policy: NO accepting defective goods, No manufacturing defective goods, No producing defective goods, in order to make sure quality of product project, design, production, shipping and customer service is to meet customer's requirement.

Permanent management:Based on” customer first” requirement. We are keeping improvement, making sure quality is going better, satisfying our customer and employee and, making it profitable to achieve enterprise mission.

Keeping improvement, Customer satisfaction, Quality first, Permanent management