sheep corral panels

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Material:pre hot dipped galvanized,hot-dipped galvanized after welded,painting. 
Process:galvanizing pipe cutting, welding, welding spots grind/smooth, welding spots anti-corrosion paint, silver paint
–360 degree firmly welded
–welding spots neat and smooth, prevent sheep and goat get hurt, very safe
–welding spots anti-rust finish, very durable

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Height x Length:1000mm x 2.80mm;1170mm x 2750mm.

Different specifications are available according to customers’ special

Vertical Pipe:30x60x1.6mm/2.0mm;40x80x1.6mm/2.0mm  Oval pipe

40×40 x 1.6mm/2.0mm; 50x50x1.6mm/2.0mm square pipes

32mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;42mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;48mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm round pipes round pipes

Horizontal Pipe:

30x60x1.6mm/2.0mm,40x80x1.6mm/2.0mm,42x115mmx1.6mm/2.0mm Oval pipe.

40x40x1.6mm/2.0mm; 50x50x1.6mm/2.0mm square pipes

32mm O.Dx1.6mm/2.0mm;42mm O.D x1.6mm/2.0mm;48mm O.D x1.6mm/2.0mm round pipes

–square vertical pipe/post, welding easy and firm, much durable, and it’s more beautiful
–oval horizontal rails, no sharp edge, can protect sheep and goat from getting hurt, high safety
–lamb-proof rail spacing
–middle braces for high strength and heavy duty
–with welded top caps and foot plates, water and dust proof
–welded “U” and “L” lugs for easy connection. The lugs are welded to bracket all four sides, very durable.
–2xjoining pins are supplied for each panel


sheep corral panels is used in raising the animals,specially the cattle,the cow,the horse,the sheep etc.

Details of the figure

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