Mary King and Blyth Tait appeared in the virtual Sydney cross-country race to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Olympic Games

Mary King and Blyth Tait are the people who shared the memories of Sydney in the digital entertainment of the Olympic Cross Country.
CrossCountry App has published interactive maps online and on the app to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Australian Games.
Visitors are invited to visit the route, stop at each fence and stop between the two to hear the voices of the riders Mary, Blyth, Stuart Tinney and Amanda Ross. The racers remember how they and their Olympic horses 20 years ago solved this problem.
Stuart also, together with Andrew Hoy, Phillip Dutton and Matt Ryan, won the Australian team’s gold medal for the third time in a row to review the medals ceremony.
Course designer Mike Etherington-Smith also participated, explaining how the course and the Olympic venue took three years.
“One of the great things brought about by the Sydney Olympics is the heritage of the venue,” said Bryce, who is now in the Sydney design course.
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“This is a world-class facility, and you must prepare for the team going abroad to Australia. What is convincing is that it is really a great meeting place in twenty years.”
CrossCountry App co-founder Jose Diacono (Jose Diacono), a volunteer for the Olympics, said: “This is a fascinating and interesting project.”
Various participants submitted photos and documents of the competition and the fence, while the interactive course included excerpts from the group, which Mary, Bryce, Stewart and Amanda watched with Mike Etherington Smith game.
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Post time: Sep-21-2020