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Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Company certificate:ISO 9001, ISO 14000
Qaulity inspection: SGS or other authorized party acceptable
Production Capacity: 3000 sets each day
Loading port: Xingang(Tianjin), China

Products Detail

A pool without any type of security involves a high risk for children which can result in tragic consequences. This Pool Fence for pools can reduce the risk of drowning accidents while providing the sleek design you desire.

1. Arc Pool Fence: cambered top is the most special part of the fence. The arc pool fence not only protects the pool, but also protects the children’s finger being carded or scratch by the fence.Arc pool fence panel is welded by the large automatic machine. Then use the professional bending machine bend the panel, finally galvanized or plastic spraying surface treatment.

Arc Pool Fence Common Specification:

Diameter: 5.0-5.5mm

Hole size: 100x200mm

Height: 1m-1.2m

Length: 2m-2.5m

(According to different intension requirement, we can make different bending style.)

Pool Fence 
Pool Fence 
Pool Fence 
Pool Fence 

2. Europe Pool Fence:

Fence structure: inter tube: 20*20mm

Transverse angle iron 40*25mm amout: three

Fence size: 2930mmx1670mm

Top vertical hole size: 200mmx40mm middle vertical hole size: 1100mmx100mm

Low end vertical hole size: 225mmx100mm

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